Author Guidelines

1. What is the PEEHS -WPS?
The PEEHS-WPS (hereafter “WPS”) publishes academic papers on politi-
cal economy, economic history and related fields of study, either
unpublished, or originally published in languages other than English.
2. Who can submit a paper?
Only members of the PEEHS who have paid the annual fee stipulated by
the Society’s statute can submit a paper to the WPS. In case of a co-
authored paper, at least one of the authors must hold membership of the
PEEHS. By submitting a paper, it is assumed that the author
understands and accepts this Author Guideline and Instructions.
3.How to submit and publish?
3.1 Submission
The author produces the manuscript following the Instructions and 
submits it electronically to the PEEHS Editorial Office
 (seikeishi[at] *replace [at] with @ when sending the mail). The author’s name and affiliation presented 
with the submission are used to confirm the PEEHS membership.
3.2 Pre-acceptance
The Editorial Board confirms pre-acceptance and contacts the author
electronically within a week from the date of submission.
3.3 Referee
No reference readings are provided in the publication on the WPS. The
Editorial Board checks the manuscript against the aim and Guideline of
the WPS and decides on whether to publish the manuscript. The
Editorial Board communicates the decision to the author within a month
in principle.
3.4 Publication
The author receives notice of the publication once the paper has been
uploaded on the PEEHS website. The paper will be made available to the
public in pdf format.
4. Other points of attention
4.1 The copyright belongs to the author.
4.2 The author is obliged to observe the research ethics, socially
required and shared in academic circles, and to follow the research
ethics required in the PEEHS. The Editorial Board reserves the right
to cancel the publication of the paper in case of need after
4.3 In case the author submits material already published on another
platform, the author is obliged, before submission of the paper, to
settle any procedures required by the concerned societies or
4.4 A native-English check is recommended for a paper submitted by non-
English-native-speaker authors.
1.Manuscript style requirements 
The manuscript should contain all the following, except for (7) which
may be omitted.
(1) Title of the paper
(2) Name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s)
(3) Summary (about 300 words in English)
(4) Keywords (3-5 words)
(5) Manuscript with footnotes
(6) References
(7) Figures and photographs with captions included
2. Font size
The title of the paper should be typed in 16-point, the author, text
and headings in 10-point and footnotes and references in 8-point font.